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    Our Key Projects and Programmes

    Prevention of HIV/AIDS Target Intervention - TI Programme

    India has come a long way in addressing the AIDS epidemic. Strong political will along with concerted and collective efforts with the participation of those living with HIV or affected populations and civil society Organizations, have contributed to achievements in pushing back the epidemic.

    With the support from Andhra Pradesh Aids Control Society Guide Foundation For Development is implementing HIV/AIDS preventive programme in three mandals in Krishna district i.e. Vijayawada, Machilipatnam and Gudivada. There are 1467 Man Sex with Man (MSM) community and 120 Transgender are the targeted in this project as direct beneficiaries.


    “Paving Way for an AIDS Free India”

    Mission :

    Attain universal coverage of HIV prevention, treatment to care continuum of services that are effective, inclusive, equitable and adapted to needs


    Achieving zero new infections, zero AIDS related deaths and zero discrimination Paving the way for an AIDS Free India

    Key Activities

    is HIV Testing and Counselling
    HIV Care, Support and Treatment (CST)
    Referral Service, Condom Supply
    Counselling and treatment
    and HIV testing and ensuring ART medicines and nutrition support to Positive Cases.

    Small Contribution in Corona COVID-19 Pandemic Situation

    Entire world is in critical situation due to unexpected corona COVID-19 Pandemic Situation. In this critical lockdown situation our Guide Foundation For Development board of directors and team came forwarded and extending their support to the need within our level best. It’s really small help but gives lots of satisfaction. Our President Professor Ranga Rao garu personally responded and helped walkers who traveled from Vizag to Orissa by road. Similarly, other board of director and well-wishers supplied dry ration which including rice, cooking groceries,

    And our trained women stitched user friendly low cost masks and distributed nearly 15000 to needy. Our social forestry farmers also extended their support in this aspect. And we are trying to extending our continued support in this aspect by following lockdown norms maintaining social distancing, wearing masks and sanitization aspects. Some our team members like John Vara Prasad, Babu Rao, ChnadraSekhar other team members are conducting awareness campaigns.


    WORLD ON WHEELS” project would be an attempt to bring a change in the situation by providing mobile Computer Labs in A.P.

    To bring digital literacy to the youths and school children of rural villages who are otherwise financially incapable of making themselves digitally literate, HP under CSR program presenting the Mobile Digital “WORLD ON WHEELS-NAIPUNYA RATHAM” project being implemented by Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India (EDII) and enduring partner Guide Foundation for Development(GFFD), supported by Andhra Pradesh State Skill Development Corporation (APSSDC) Government of Andhra Pradesh would be covering in Andhra Pradesh Since 2 years.

    A 20 seated computer and IT enabled vehicle powered by green energy and backed by numerous software suites and cloud integration. The Vehicle to digitally empower and benefit close to individuals living in remote regions. Services to include digital literacy training, empowering common service centres, e Education for school and college students, Tele consultancy and video conferencing for relevant groups, financial inclusion learning online bank, entrepreneurship training to youths and many more.

    “WORLD ON WHEELS” project would primarily targeting the government 1.School Children, 2.Unemployed Youths, 3.SHG Women and 4.Village Community.

    Target people and the Beneficiary Calculations of the Vehicle:

    Through this WoW IT Lab we can empower the different group of citizens or communities of both urban and village of Andhra Pradesh. The Training schedule of various group is given as follows:

    School Program- Computer Basics and Windows

    Youth Programme- MS Office Resume Preparation Interview Skills

    SHG women / Village Volunteer-Basic Computer Skills Financial Literacy

    Community Programme- AP Government Navaratnalu and other development Schemes and Awareness

    Apart from AP government schemes, CM messages, one or two public awareness videos like Mother and Child Health, Sanitation etc. are included in Community Programme. Updated modules will be utilized from time to time in coordination with nodal departments.

    Consolidated Program Activities done in this Annual 2019-20

    Save the Planet – Environment


    “IonlyfeelangrywhenIseewaste. WhenIseepeoplethrowingawaythingswecoulduse.” —MotherTeresa

    “Oneofthefirstconditionsofhappinessisthatthelinkbetweenmanandnatureshallnotbebroken.” —LeoTolstoy

    “Neverdoubtthatasmallgroupofthoughtful,committedcitizenscanchangetheworld;indeed,itistheonlythingthateverhas.” —MargaretMead

    In the light of the above quotes Guide Foundation For Development believes that every individual, institutionshould continuously play pivotal role to protect environment in the globe. Guide Foundation working on environment protection activities from the inception of the organization. With great support from Toxics Link (a leading NGO working on environment issues) in India helped Guide Foundation to enhance our capacities towards working on environment issues. And currently GFFD also a member organization in IPEN global network working on environment protection.

    GFFD conducted various workshops, seminars awareness programmes on e-waste, bio-medical waste, involved in national level studies like lead in paints and Led in Batteries etc. and also protested strongly against the use of plastic bags in day to day life. With the support from Toxics Link and EDII, we created an enormous awareness campaign on issues concerned with single usage plastic bags and trained 230 women on making Jute bags, cloth bags and almost nearly 40000 environment friendly bags stitched by our trained women and ensured usage of these bags as alternative models for single usage plastic bags.GFFD focused informal to formalization of E-waste sector, Consumer awareness generation,BTL campaigns. We created massive level awareness campaigns to 264000 school children and 7400 households residential welfare colonies , medium and low income groups colonies in Andhra Pradesh and Hyderabad Telangana State India. And conducted various workshops, competitions, consultative meetings. For more information, please watch gallery

    GFFD –Social Forestry and Sustainable Agriculture

    GFFD entered partnership with ITC MSK Social Forestry Programme since 2013 in costal mandals of Krishna district and working nearly 800 to to 1000 farmers every year through this programme in the current year we would like to work with 1000 farmers and plantation of 1300 hectors of casuarina plantation and help the farmers to ensure their social entitlements and government schemes with the Objective of“to support the farmer community intern they should stand on their own through formation of Sanghas/CBOs with economic sustainability in enduring environment”

    Key Activities in this Project

    • Community mobilization of small, marginal and others backward farmers with the Social mobilization process involving them in the Social forestry and sustainable agriculture practice

    • Formation and Strengthening CBOs and promotion of social forestry like cultivation of casuarinas, Eucalyptus and Native species plantation and risk reduction measures.

    • Developing alternate irrigation models for the newly proposing native species and vegetable crops.

    • MSK SF project supports the target community for the livelihood support to the farmers and capacitate them to identify their primary level needs and strategies for fulfilment.

    Women Skill building and Livelihood Promotion

    With the support from EDII, Guide Foundation For Development focusing more on skill building and livelihood promotion to the poor unemployed. We conducted this training to nearly 850 unemployed women on various trades like environment friendly cloth bags making, artificial jewelry making with silk threads, millet snacks, saree design with Maggam work, designer candle. Training is one part out that participants are able to enhance their capability to prepare plan for establishment of small scale income generation activity and marketing and profitability. The project team is extending their ongoing support to needy members for sustainability of the particular activity.