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  • City Makers Mission Empowerment Programme Urban Poverty Programme for Supporting homeless and vulnerable People

    Digital Literacy

    To bring digital literacy to the youths and school children of rural villages who are otherwise financially incapable of making themselves digitally literate HP under CSR program presenting the Mobile Digital “WORLD ON WHEELS-NAIPUNYA RATHAM” project being implemented by Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India (EDII) and enduring partner Guide foundation for Development(GFFD), supported by Smart Andhra Pradesh Foundation (SAPF),Government of Andhra Pradesh would be covering in Andhra Pradesh.

    To achieve this vision, Mobile Digital “WORLD ON WHEELS” project would primarily be targeting the youths through Science Communication, Digital literacy, Water, Sanitation & Hygiene, Innovations in Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics, Women & Child - Health & Nutrition. Through this project a good number of underprivileged youth would also be empowered with skilled with computer knowledge and once they have achieved this goal, they in their turn would become instrumental in accessing and empowering many in their respective communities. WOW offers a mobility solution to this digital divide by bringing easy IT & information access to isolated and disadvantaged groups in rural areas whereby they can not only be linked to the various Govt. programmes and initiatives but also gain Computer E-literacy and IT-enabled education for rural youth, school children, farmers groups and others, further helping to bridge the digital education gap encountered by those living in remote regions. Mobile Digital “WORLD ON WHEELS” project would be an attempt to bring a change in the situation by providing mobile Computer Labs in A.P.

    A 20 seated computer and IT enabled vehicle powered by green energy and backed by numerous software suites and cloud integration. The Vehicle to digitally empower and benefit close to individuals living in remote regions. The vehicle is to cover 28 villages and close to similar number of schools annually. Services to include digital literacy training, empowering common service centres, e Education for school and college students, Tele consultancy and video conferencing for relevant groups, financial inclusion through bank linkages, entrepreneurship training to youths and many more. This project will empower the underprivileged groups of our society to come up on par with the main stream through better acquaintances and familiarity with information technology. In this way, they will be better aware of various schemes and programmes of the A.P Government and they would also be better informed about their rights.

    School Program Module:


    Introduction to Computer and Digital Devices 1 Hour History of Computers
    Operating Digital Devices 3 Hour Input & Output Devices
    Introduction to Internet 3 Hour Browsing, online search
    Communications using Internet 3 Hours Email, Video call, Chat, Facebook
    Applications of Internet 2 Hour Ticket Booking

    Youth Program Module:


    MS Office 1 Hour Introduction to MS Office and its applications, with basic practice
    MS Word 3 Hour Introduction to MS Word
    MS Excel 4 Hour Introduction to MS Excel
    MS Power Point 2 Hour Introduction to MS Power point
    Resume Preparation & Interview Skills 30 minutes Create Template
    30 minutes Making Resume in Word
    Personality Development & Skill Development 30 minutes Personality
    30 minutes Skill Development

    Consolidated Program Activities done in this Annual 2018


    Regular Village Programs in this Year:


    1 Krishna Pedaparapudi Pedaparapudi 80 60 - 140
    2 Krishna Movva Kuchipudi 80 71 - 151
    3 Krishna Gudlavalleru Dokiparru 78 60 - 138
    4 Krishna Kankipadu Mantena 40 100 - 140
    5 West Godavari Undrajuvaram Velivennu 80 40 20 140
    6 Guntur Thullur Thullur 60 60 20 140
    7 West Godavari Bhimavaram K.Annavaram 80 32 20 132
    8 East Godavari Ambajipeta Gangalakurru 80 100 20 200
    9 East Godavari Kirlampudi Burugupudi 80 60 20 160
    10 Vishakhapatnam Anandapuram Boni 60 60 20 140
    11 Vishakhapatnam Bhimunipatnam Chippada 80 60 13 140
    12 Vizayanagaram Nellimarla Saripalli 80 60 20 160
    13 Srikakulam Jalamarru Syrigam 100 40 - 160
    14 Srikakulam Etcherla A.A.Valasa 80 60 20 154
    15 Srikakulam R.A.Valasa Ambakhandi 80 60 20 178
    16 East.Godavari Thondangi A.V.Nagaram 60 60 20 140
      Total     1278 983 213 2474